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Welcome to the FreeComputerZone – a wealth of tools, tips, and advice on how to fix, clean up, speed up, optimize, and make your PC run better.  Browse our website for free tips, advice, instructions on how to fix common problems, read the latest reviews on software and hardware, and see our recommendations on the best freeware downloads.  Use our PC resources like your own personal virtual Computer Help Desk!

Free PC Clean Up

We’ve put together a complete set of instructions on how to clean up your computer – for free!  Why pay several hundred dollars to some technician to diagnose and fix a few errors on your computer when you can do it yourself!

PC Coupons

We have the best collection of current discount coupons for Dell, HP, Apple, Toshiba computers and more.  Sign up for our monthly email newsletter to receive the latest coupons and articles

Free Virus Scan

View our list of the best free online virus scans and free antivirus client software downloads.  Use our deep scan to root out and eliminate viruses on your PC.

Best Free Downloads

Sick of visiting a website for a free download only to find out it isn’t freeware after all?  Check out our list of the best software downloads out there, with details on the best utilities and software for your PC – best of all, they won’t cost you a thing!

Clean Up Spyware

Spyware, Adware, and Malware all invade your computer to install harmful software that damages your PC.  Learn how to find, destroy Spyware, and prevent them from coming back – Free!

Backup Your Data

Most people do not have a sound backup plan.  If you value the data, documents, photos that are on your PC, make sure you back them up.