Browser Hijack Removal

You may find that your computer has been “taken over” and is operating on its own.  You should be alarmed if your internet browser starts acting strangely, re-directs your traffic to pay-for-services pages, and if certain websites suddenly seem to be blocker.

This is a serious matter – but don’t panic, there are some decisive steps you can take to try and remove the browser hijack.  Typically, these threats are very advanced and will bury themselves deep in the guts of your PC, often involving a root kit insertion (this means a really bad piece of malware).

To effectively remove the Browser Hijack, you must be able to access the internet on your infected computer in order to download and run the necessary diagnostic and virus-killing applications.  Often, very advanced Browser Hijacks will infect your PC so deeply that your ability to connect to the internet is tampered with and you can no longer get online.

It is possible that the malware that infected your PC is now controlling your PC and preventing you from accessing the internet.  You may still have one option – starting your computer in “Safe Mode”.

To start Windows in safe mode, simply press and hold the “F8” key when your computer is first powered on or restarted. You must press F8 before the Windows logo appears. If you do not press it in time, you will have to wait for the Windows logon screen to appear and then restart your system to try again. If you successfully press and hold the F8 key in time, you will be presented with an “Advanced Boot Options” menu.

Emergency Response

1.) Online Virus Scan
Go here:

Find the section labeled “Free Online Virus Scans” and click on one of the links there and run a FULL SCAN of your hard drive.  Make sure your laptop does not go into hibernate mode when left unattended.  After your normal scan, try to perform a deep scan while your computer is in Safe Mode (see above).

2.) Spyware Removal
Go here:

Find the links to free software (Spybot or Malware Bytes) and download/install and run it.  Follow the instructions to remove spyware/malware

3.) Perform the Quick Fixes
Go here:

Read the detailed quick fix instructions on this page.  Download the CCleaner program ( ) and run this program to try and fix your Registry errors.

Only download the FREE CCleaner product, then install and run.  Select REGISTRY option and clean your registry.

4.) Install Active Antivirus Protection
Go here:

Find the section labeled “Free Antivirus Downloads” and click on one of the links to install free antivirus software.  After installation, click on UPDATE DEFINITIONS and then run a FULL SCAN.


CCleaner Program


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