Top 3 Free Anti-Virus Solutions Reviewed

The world is on the web and so are malicious code writers. The threat you face today from computer viruses is bigger than ever. But for the common PC user, spending a lot of money on anti-virus software is an unfavorable option. If you represent the common PC user and have felt the pinch of buying … [Read more...]

Free Military Antivirus

Software for Military Service Members Due to the longstanding business relationship between the US Military and many software and hardware vendors, there are numerous deeply discounted and free products available to US Military Personnel for use on their home PCs. For the websites marked as (.Mil … [Read more...]

How to Remove a Computer Virus

Ideally, your laptop or desktop PC is running a current version of antivirus software that has the latest virus definitions.  Also, your computer should be running a at least a regular weekly scan to check for viruses.  Lastly, your antivirus software should also be performing active scans of all … [Read more...]

Free Antivirus Scans

Anytime you connect to the internet, receive emails, or insert media such as a thumb drive or floppy disk, you place your computer at risk to threats.  Some may be mild, but most are malicious and can wreck havoc on an unprotected computer - they can bog down and slow your computer processes, delete … [Read more...]