Quick Fixes

Follow our quick and easy steps to clean up your computer.  Have you noticed problems with your computer -- annoying pop-up windows, browser hijacks, erratic behavior, error messages, or just plain slow performance?  You need to take steps to fix your computer before things get worse.  If you wait … [Read more...]

How to Update Drivers for your PC

Device drivers play an important role in your computer experience. A large percentage of computer problems are driver-related issues, and knowing how to deal with these issues can save a great deal of time and repair cost. While the functionality of drivers is a very complex topic, the windows … [Read more...]

Browser Hijack Removal

You may find that your computer has been "taken over" and is operating on its own.  You should be alarmed if your internet browser starts acting strangely, re-directs your traffic to pay-for-services pages, and if certain websites suddenly seem to be blocker. This is a serious matter - but don't … [Read more...]

Back-Up Your Files

Today, it seems that everyone's collection of multimedia files is growing rapidly.  It is not uncommon, for computer users to have huge collections of music MP3s, movies, family videos, digital photos, and much more all residing on their shrinking hard drives.  As rapidly as hard drives in computers … [Read more...]

Update Windows Operating System

It is important that you download and install the latest updates available for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware.  Windows Update is an automated feature that scans your computer to see which system updates are required and provides you with a list of updates tailored just for … [Read more...]

Basic Internet Security

Set up a Firewall and Router If you connect to the internet via a high speed connection (i.e. DSL or cable modem), you should protect your computer from intruders and hackers.  Your high speed internet connection makes your computer vulnerable via certain ports that are open to even the most novice … [Read more...]

Search and Destroy Spyware

What is Spyware? The term spyware is used quite broadly, but typically references malicious software that is downloaded unintentionally. Due to the increased awareness about malicious software on the internet, makers of spyware have found more deceptive methods of gaining control over computers. … [Read more...]

Clean Up Your PC

Free Tips and Advice Fix your computer right now - browse our free tips and advice on how to clean up your PC or notebook computer.  Read our easy-to-follow steps on how to clean up your computer and the best computer virus protection .  Once you are finished, make sure you protect your computer … [Read more...]