How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. While in the past, long lines used to forming in front of stores long before opening hours when a new product, such as a smartphone, was coming out, now many people opt to stay in the comfort of their homes. Good old shopping is … [Read more...]

Computing in the Virtual Cloud

Cloud computing is a new term and gaining widespread use.  It basically means performing traditional computer processes on machines or servers in a virtual location, or cloud.  Cloud computing means creating, editing, saving, backing up files online without having to have those files or programs … [Read more...]

Best Free Video Chat Providers

Video chat is a way to talk to anyone, virtually anywhere in the world, at any time. It is a great way for families to stay connected, soldiers to stay in touch with loved ones and a way to see friends people have made online. Free video chat providers have made it so people can connect across the … [Read more...]

Introduction to Netbooks

Recently, smaller miniature laptops, also known as netbooks have become prevalent.  Although somewhat smaller than a traditional sized notebook computer, netbooks bring you most of their functionality.  Most netbooks come sized at around 10 or 11 inches in screen size.  They come armed with a … [Read more...]