Updating Your PC BIOS

What is BIOS? BIOS, an acronym for Basic Input/Output System, is the very basic software built into your computer when the motherboard is manufactured. It is powered by a small, black read-only memory (ROM) BIOS chip soldered to the motherboard. The BIOS controls how each of your computer's … [Read more...]

Custom Order PC Online

When it comes time to buy a new computer, one of the first issues to be dealt with is whether to buy the computer at a nearby retail electronics store, or custom-order your PC online.  Nowadays, even the big name brand manufacturers such as Dell and HP allow you to hop on their website and customize … [Read more...]

Re-Install Windows Operating System

Nobody ever wants something to go wrong with their computer, but sometimes technology gets the better of us all. When something goes awry with your Windows Operating System, fixing it can be as simple as rebooting or as drastic as reinstalling the entire operating system. Should you ever need to … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Home Network with Windows 7

A home wireless network offers users convenience and flexibility. With a wireless network you will be able to transfer files from one computer to another without needing to save them to CDs or floppy disks. You can print documents from your computer to a printer without connecting wires, and all the … [Read more...]

Fix a Dropped Internet Connection

Help - I Can't Connect to the Internet!Try a Wired Connection If you are connecting to the Internet using a wireless connection, usually on a laptop, then the culprit in your loss of connection may just be a loss of wireless. The easiest way to check this is to plug your computer directly … [Read more...]

Create a Restore Point in Windows 7

Many of the more serious problems encountered by computer users can be directly attributed to system files. These files include the Windows Registry, DLL files and device drivers. These files are often changed when new programs are installed, or they can become corrupted by unexpected power outages, … [Read more...]

Upgrade your Laptop Hard Drive

Computers are like cars. They’re outdated and lose their value as soon as you leave the store. It’s not financially feasible to buy the latest and greatest every year. Often it’s not the computer that’s out of date; the system simply needs more space. More space gives your laptop faster access and … [Read more...]

Differences in Image File Formats

Any artist who works with digital images will inevitably face the decision of what image file format to use. Believe it or not, the little abbreviation at the end of your file names has a big impact on the size and quality of your image. Different file formats are used for different purposes - … [Read more...]

How To Build your own Website

It is far easier than you think to set up your own website.  Years ago, only large corporations and major businesses had their own websites.  Nowadays, it is not unusual for many people to have their own website - for personal use (sharing pics, blogs), or for small business ventures. There is a … [Read more...]

How to Buy a New Computer

There are a lot of "Computer Buying Guides" out there, but most of them simply promote the flashy new trends of the season or tout the biggest or most expensive computers.  Our Computer Buying Guide walks you through step-by-step instructions on how to pick and purchase your next new PC. Pick a … [Read more...]