How to set up a Windows7 HomeGroup

Once upon a time, home networking for the average user was a bit of a hassle to set up. Sharing files across a Local Access Network and configuring printers and other devices to work with multiple computers was often a tedious process. Fortunately, those days are long behind us thanks to an … [Read more...]

Start up your PC in SAFE MODE

Windows safe mode is a system startup option designed to assist in troubleshooting problems with the Windows operating system. When a computer is started in safe mode, Windows loads only the very basic drivers and system files that are necessary to run the computer. This allows you to verify that … [Read more...]

How to Update Drivers for your PC

Device drivers play an important role in your computer experience. A large percentage of computer problems are driver-related issues, and knowing how to deal with these issues can save a great deal of time and repair cost. While the functionality of drivers is a very complex topic, the windows … [Read more...]

How to Stop Spam Email

"Approximately two-thirds of all emails sent are Spam" Spam is the general term for incoming emails that are sent to your account without your prior consent.  Spam is unsolicited email coming from strangers or unknown organizations and businesses.    Spam emails are nearly never sent by a … [Read more...]

How to Buy a Backup Hard Drive

When looking for a backup hard drive, one naturally looks for an external hard drive.  Such hard drives can be easily attached to your desktop or notebook PC by a simple USB or other interface.  Hard drives have shrunk in size recently and many are fully portable allowing you to take them with you … [Read more...]

Create a Windows Repair Disk

A Windows Rescue Disk is simply a CD containing system restore and recovery software for Windows Vista or Windows 7. A Windows Rescue Disk does not necessarily contain a copy of Windows, although Windows installation disks do include the restore and recovery functionality. Instead, a recovery disk … [Read more...]

Browser Hijack Removal

You may find that your computer has been "taken over" and is operating on its own.  You should be alarmed if your internet browser starts acting strangely, re-directs your traffic to pay-for-services pages, and if certain websites suddenly seem to be blocker. This is a serious matter - but don't … [Read more...]

How to Increase your Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptop computers are extremely convenient, granting us the ability to compute untethered to a wall socket.  Additionally, wireless internet networks, when combined with a notebook PC, allow us to connect to the internet from just about anywhere in the world.  However, it seems to be a constant … [Read more...]