Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

We typically do not think twice before hopping across to the nearest cyber café to check our emails or make a bank transaction. We sit peacefully at hotels and log on to our online profiles. Do you ever wonder whether it is safe to connect your laptop at a public Wi-Fi hotspot? If you had thought … [Read more...]

Data Encryption Made Easy

You don't need to be a Fortune 500 executive or a Secret Agent to feel the need to protect the data on your computer.  Furthermore, there is free software available that allows you to fully encrypt your PC's hard drive using the latest technology and security standards. With regards to the history … [Read more...]

Browse the Internet Anonymously

Each day we hear about another case where private information was compromised online.  We've heard of thieves hacking into websites and stealing credit card numbers or people stealing personal information from bank databases in order to steal your identity.  We hear of government computers … [Read more...]

Protect the Privacy of your PC

Each day, we realize how little our privacy is protected while we are the internet and when we send and receive emails.  Information that is sent or viewed online is more than likely available to the general public.  There are many ways to keep secure your sensitive information both while connected … [Read more...]

Surf the Web – Anonymous Proxy Server

There may be a time when you need to use an anonymous proxy server.  Perhaps you are being blocked access to a site from a public computer or in the work place.  Another reason many people will use an anonymous proxy server is to maintain their anonymity while surfing the web.Connecting to the … [Read more...]