Printer Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a Printer Printer prices continue to decline, and new innovations offer more printer auctions and capabilities.  Much like buying a new PC, purchasing a new printer can be a daunting task.  The first step in selecting any printer is deciding what you will be using your printer for.  Spee … [Read more...]

Best Free Photo Sharing Websites

Sharing your photos should be just as much fun as taking them. Every good photo sharing web site combines innovative features with a simple, useable interface. Read on to learn about good photo sharing sites and which one can best meet your needs.Post your photos on any one of the free photo … [Read more...]

Computer Shopping Comparison Websites

Online shopping can offer great prices and enormous selection, but with all the online retailers out there, it can also be overwhelming. Luckily, there are numerous sites specifically designed to take the hassle out of shopping and let you compare prices to find the best deals around. These … [Read more...]

Top 3 Free Anti-Virus Solutions Reviewed

The world is on the web and so are malicious code writers. The threat you face today from computer viruses is bigger than ever. But for the common PC user, spending a lot of money on anti-virus software is an unfavorable option. If you represent the common PC user and have felt the pinch of buying … [Read more...]

Free Image Editing Software

With an ever increasing reliance on visual mediums to make points known online, it is also increasingly important to have a good image editing software program available to you for minor edits and splices. However, it is always best to get something for free if you can, and with the large amount of … [Read more...]

Voice to Text Apps – Increase Productivity!

Today, people are finding themselves in a longer and longer commute to get from home to work and back. People living near major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Washington, DC, or LA find themselves in a long commute; for many it is well over 1 hour each way.  This equates to at least 2 … [Read more...]

HP dv6z Laptop Review

HP Delivers a Powerful Notebook for under $600- the HP Pavilion dv6Z Quad Edition HP Pavilion dv6Z Quad Edition ranks at 4.5 out of 5 stars as the preferred choice of a Hewlett-Packard laptop this season for under $600. The streamlined design of this laptop and standard 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery … [Read more...]

Should I buy an iPad or a Netbook?

When Apple launched the iPad, they certainly made it clear they had intentions to wipe out the netbook, which Steve Jobs, who was the CEO at the dismissed it as a cheap alternative to a laptop and really poor fit in the vacuum between a Smartphone and a laptop. Apparently, there needed to be … [Read more...]

HP dv7t Laptop Review

Finding a good deal on a high-end laptop can be quite difficult at times. Most people opt for mid-range or budget notebooks, and as such there's a lot of choice at the lower end of the market. That's not always true in the premium notebook category. Expensive laptops are a bigger investment, so it … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire by Amazon

Amazon's Kindle Fire seems to be a larger version of an iPod Touch, for the same price. The Kindle Fire only has 8 GB of storage, the same as the least expensive iPod Touch. For what's being touted as a tablet computer designed for reading and watching movies, this seems a vastly insufficient amount … [Read more...]