How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. While in the past, long lines used to forming in front of stores long before opening hours when a new product, such as a smartphone, was coming out, now many people opt to stay in the comfort of their homes. Good old shopping is … [Read more...]

Get an external hard drive

Top 5 External Hard Drives for Your Computer written by: loveforwriting Backing up and saving your digital storage is considered to be insurance. Even though you always hope that you don’t have to use backup, it’s still necessary to make sure you don’t lose any data. It’s worth mentioning that … [Read more...]

Security Settings for your Internet Browser

"Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer" Google’s new pop-up warning is part of a long-running battle over the security of the most important program used today: the web browser. However, despite its use as a gateway for hackers and … [Read more...]

Advanced Home Network Security

Free can be very good! Make use of alternate DNS servers. freely gives its clients access to its name servers. In the past couple of years DNS has been a topic of discussion in the security community. One could do all of the right things in the home or office, but due to the insecure … [Read more...]

Kids Internet Safety

The internet moves very fast. The variety of individuals and content that your child may be exposed to is incomparable to any other congregation. Hence, it is important for the safety of your child that you have a mechanism in place to weed out undesirable elements.The Threat But where do you … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself Online – Internet Safety

You can protect your PC while you browse the internet by installing and using third-party internet browsers and a few useful plug-ins.  We recommend you use of the latest version of FireFox with the NoScript add-on combined with Sandboxie NoScript disables all active/java scripting on the page … [Read more...]

How to Stop Spam Email

"Approximately two-thirds of all emails sent are Spam" Spam is the general term for incoming emails that are sent to your account without your prior consent.  Spam is unsolicited email coming from strangers or unknown organizations and businesses.    Spam emails are nearly never sent by a … [Read more...]

Free Internet Security Software

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Hide your husbands, because malware is out there ready to invade your PC and pillage your privacy after that one bad click of the mouse.  Sometimes, one click is all it takes!  That’s what I often tell my clients and those who may be curious enough to ask for my … [Read more...]

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

There are several ways to secure your wireless network.  If you connect to the internet via a wireless connection at your home, you have a wireless network.  Depending on what settings you selected on your wireless router, you may have some or no security enabled.  In this article, we will cover the … [Read more...]

Prevent Online Scams (Phishing)

Phishing a technique used by criminals and scam-artists to trick users into giving up their personal and sensitive information such as bank account information, username and passwords, financial data, and social security numbers.  Phishers, the name given to those criminals, will use spam emails and … [Read more...]