Windows Slow Startup

Now that you’ve switched on the power button on your PC, you can go and brew fresh coffee for the whole office because that’s how long your system takes to go from ‘on’ to ‘active’. If your PC is being bogged down by a huge number of preinstalled and unwanted applications and programs which … [Read more...]

Speed Up Windows Vista

The Microsoft Vista operating system brings a lot of bells and whistles - some beautifully rendered screens, backgrounds, menu bars, and window borders.  However as most users realized, these same frills are a huge draw on computer resources and most PCs were simply underpowered and ill-equipped to … [Read more...]

Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 is already a highly responsive and fast operating system compared to its predecessors.  However, sometimes your system becomes sluggish and you wonder how you can improve its performance.  The reason for this sluggishness may be that you are running Windows 7 on an old or out-of-date PC or … [Read more...]

Speed Up Windows XP

Contrary to popular belief, computers do age. As you might have noticed, the longer you use your computer the slower it runs, particularly a system running on Windows XP. The most likely reason for your system slowing down is the increasing level of demand you put on your hardware with animated … [Read more...]

Speed Up Slow Internet

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection despite subscribing to a good internet plan, your internet service provider might be cheating you. But if you are certain it is a credible company, there are certain areas you can look into in order to improve your internet connection. Problem Areas … [Read more...]

Speed Up My Slow PC

It happens to all of us, one day you realize your computer isn't running as fast as it was the day you booted it for the first time. Programs that used to fire up in milliseconds, now have you wondering if you can take a potty break before the hour glass stops spinning. Over the years the face of … [Read more...]