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Fix your computer right now – browse our free tips and advice on how to clean up your PC or notebook computer.  Read our easy-to-follow steps on how to clean up your computer and the best computer virus protection .  Once you are finished, make sure you protect your computer from harmful viruses and spyware – learn how to protect your PC .

6 Steps to Clean Up your PC

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Are you having problems with your PC?  Are you overcome by annoying pop-ups, error messages, and computer crashes?  Have you been hit by the fateful “blue screen of death”?  Too many pc owners have perfectly good computers that are overcome with errors, malware, computer viruses, and simply become so bogged-down that they are forced to replace them because they are so frustrated.  You don’t have to ignore them, and you don’t have to pay a professional hundreds of dollars to fix your computer.  Follow our simple steps and download and use the free tools we recommend to get your PC running as fast as it was brand-new!  Follow our 6-Steps below and it won’t be long before your computer is running fast and clean again.  Clean Up Your Computer now.

1.  Quick Fixes

Let’s start with some simple steps that will help eliminate registry errors, de-fragment your hard drive, quicken your operating system, and remove unwanted programs and other software that are running in the background and slowing down your PC.

2.  Eliminate Spyware

It is all too easy for Spyware to sneak into your PC.  The minute you see strange pop-up windows or programs appearing that you never installed, you should check for Spyware.  We recommend a suite of powerful Spyware removal tools that will not only identify but also eliminate the offending files.

3.  Anti-Virus Scan

The ease of access the internet and email provide are easily exploited by viruses and other malware.  An unprotected computer can be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet.  Today’s computer viruses are so potent that some cannot be recovered from.  We’ve compiled a list of free online anti-virus deep-scans as well as client software you can download and install on your PC.  What do you do if you find a virus? We’ll show you how to eliminate it!

4.  Set-Up a Firewall

Next, secure and protect your connection to the internet with a software firewall and hardware router.  Block unwanted intruders, and learn safe internet browsing habits.  Learn how to customize your internet browser security settings to protect you online.

5.  Update your PC

Your Windows Operating System needs to be updated regularly in order to run efficiently, fix errors, and eliminate vulnerabilities that are exposed.  An out-of-date Operating System may be missing a crucial security patch that would have protected you against the latest virus, trojan horse, or worm.

6.  Backup your Data

Once your PC is running smooth and fast, it is time to put in place a good data back-up plan.  We outline several different backup solutions including external hard drive, backing up to the Virtual Cloud, and automatic synchronization software that keep your files secure.


Protect Your Privacy After Cleaning Your PC

Wherever you browse online nowadays, you are leaving an electronic trail – clues about your identity, your family, and sensitive data such as your financial information. You can’t avoid the intrusiveness of the internet, but you can protect your online privacy by following our tips and downloading a few great tools. Today, there are many hazards on the internet – malware sites, viruses hiding in email attachments, and sinister people trying to steal your identity. Being careless about your online and PC privacy can be even more harmful than an unprotected computer.  A stolen identity or compromised financial records can be extremely damaging. Check out our privacy-protection and online security articles.

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