Computer Shopping Comparison Websites

Online shopping can offer great prices and enormous selection, but with all the online retailers out there, it can also be overwhelming. Luckily, there are numerous sites specifically designed to take the hassle out of shopping and let you compare prices to find the best deals around.

These shopping comparison websites show you the hottest deals currently available online for all sorts of products, and they also allow you to search for the specific items you’re looking for. They search through the inventories of the best and most reliable sites, and then they show you where you can find the items and for how much. Smart shoppers have done this for years at brick and mortar stores, and it can be very time consuming. With these comparison sites, it takes seconds to find out where the best deal can be had.

Although there are a lot of sites to choose from for your comparison needs, not all of them are created equal. The following five sites are the most popular ones around, and they each offer unique benefits and deals. The following will summarize what each site has to offer, and afterwards a decision will be made to determine which site is the best. Shopping Comparison Website


This might just be the most popular shopping comparison website around right now, and for good reason. The main page is simple and easy to navigate, with easy to search categories and popular search information available. The extra large search bar at the top of the page is obvious and draws the eye, so it’s easy to get right into searching. After you look up your desired item, you can easily sort the view by price, narrow things down to certain price ranges and restrict the search to certain stores. The searches are fast, and the UI is uncluttered making this site a pleasure to use.


After landing on the main page, things are a bit cluttered and there is some information overload going on. The search bar is still easy to find, though, so you can jump right into it. The search turns up fewer results than Bizrate, and the interface is not as intuitive. You can sort by price and filter the results, but it’s not immediately apparent where to do this. The experience here is adequate, but if you have trouble seeing small text, you might want to avoid this site.


Things work a bit differently on this site. You still have the option of searching online, but additionally you can compare deals at local stores around your location, which is the real draw here. Entering your location is simple; you can use either your zip code or your city. Not only can you compare prices amongst local stores, but you can also view and print out weekly ads and coupons for your area. Sorting and filtering options are present, and if you’re looking to shop locally this is a great way to figure out where to go.


On this website, the focus is on users sharing deals they’ve come across. You can find some exclusive deals and coupon codes here before they pop up other places on the Internet. The posts are user rated based on how useful they are, and the whole process ends up working really nicely. However, if you’re just looking to compare prices, then a site like Bizrate will suit your needs better.


It’s all about comparing and filtering here. On the main page, the search bar is smaller than on other sites, but it’s not too hard to see thanks to the bright orange search button. You can easily search categories, and the sales button is a nice touch. After searching for an item, you’re greeted with a ton of filtering and refining options. You can refine your search to specific categories, and you can filter stores, brands and price ranges. There’s no obvious sorting option, but if you narrow down your filters it becomes less necessary.

As you can see, there are benefits and drawbacks to each of these five sites. If you’re just looking to compare online prices, and you appreciate an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, then Bizrate is your best bet, with Pronto coming in second place for online comparisons. Both Slickdeals and Shoplocal can and should be used in tandem with Bizrate. Keeping an eye on Slickdeals will keep you up-to-date on limted time, exclusive offers, and Shoplocal is great for shopping locally. So the next time you’re looking to do some deal-hunting, check out these sites and find the offers you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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