Custom Order PC Online

When it comes time to buy a new computer, one of the first issues to be dealt with is whether to buy the computer at a nearby retail electronics store, or custom-order your PC online.  Nowadays, even the big name brand manufacturers such as Dell and HP allow you to hop on their website and customize a computer to meet your specifications and needs.  You can also logon to online-only custom computer manufacturers such as IBuyPower and CyberPower Systems , to get even more control and customize even more features on your new PC.  These online-only custom PC builders are an excellent way to create the alternate custom gaming machine at a very reasonable price.

Regardless of which online vendor you choose to customize your machine and ship it to you, there will of course be a wait as that company must custom build your machine and then ship it from its warehouse, which is often located overseas.  In contrast, you can have a new computer in your hands the same day by driving to your local Best Buy or other electronics retail store.  The main benefit there is convenience and time.

Buying a computer online from Dell or HP on the other hand, offers a host of other benefits.  There can often be a significant price advantage if you keep your eye out for online PC coupons.  Additionally, certain vendors such as Newegg will not charge you a sales tax.  But the most important benefit to ordering online is the fact that you gain full control over the customization of your new desktop or notebook PC.  Computers that are stocked and sold at local retail stores are generically configured for the general public.  Ordering your computer online gives you the power to customize all of its features such as size of a hard drive, amount of memory, capacity of laptop battery, type of video card, and much more.  These are not things only the geeks need to concern themselves with.

Things such as capacity of your hard drive will determine how many family photos and videos you can store, for instance.  When choosing a notebook PC, picking the right video card and power combination will significantly increase your battery life, which is important to all users.  There is also good value in customizing your computer in that you only select the parts and components that you want and need, and consequently Udall Paley for any feature or part that you don’t want.

If you are looking for a gaming machine, IBuyPower and CyberPower Systems offer unparalleled levels of customization and options.  You have full control over not just the normal main components, but also what type of cooling system, secondary video and physics carts, internal and external elite the lighting, temperature control, and you even get to choose what type of case the computer is enclosed in.  Most importantly, price savings from these two providers will give you a very potent gaming PC at prices much lower than the big names such as Alienware.

If you can wait for the manufacturer to build and ship you your computer, purchasing online is always the better option.

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