Don’t Pay for Software!

Purchasing a new computer can be an expensive and daunting task.  With today’s software prices setting up your computer so that you are productive and can make use of your computer can become very expensive.  There is however a wonderful assortment of freeware software programs that will do just about everything the expensive programs do, and you can download them all for free, right off the Internet and install them on your new notebook, desktops, or netbook.  With the right freeware programs, you can create and edit Microsoft office documents, edit and share photos, read and create emails, create Adobe PDF files, and even protect your computer from viruses and spyware.  Not all freeware are created equal, so let us show you some of our favorites.

Armed with our reviews of the best freeware productivity programs, you can actually outfit your PC with 100% freeware programs – we put this to the test when we purchased a brand-new Netbook – sure enough, we were able to avoid the costly name-brand programs and installed 100% freeware… without compromising capability.

Create and Edit Microsoft Office Documents is a great freeware program suite that allows you to create and edit documents in the same format as Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.  All for the fantastic price of FREE!  This program has been around for awhile and has had several different versions released.  There is even a free Portable Apps version of this software that can be installed on a removable flash drive to be used on third party computers.  This is a great alternative to the $450 Microsoft office suite, especially if it is for home use only.

Edit and Share Photos

Picasa is a free software program created by Google available for download and installation on your PC.  This program offers fairly sophisticated tools for editing, enhancing, and sharing photos.  Although not as potent as the full-blown Adobe Photoshop Software, this program rivals what Photoshop Elements and other photo editing programs offer.  Check out our review of the best free image editing programs.  Also, check out our review of best free photo sharing websites.

Create and Read emails

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free e-mail client that offers the same functionality as Microsoft Outlook.  Although many people today are very comfortable using web-based email services such as hotmail and Gmail, many people still prefer a reliable e-mail client software that resides on their computer to read, create and organize emails.  Thunderbird gives you just that.  The best part about an e-mail client program such as this is that all of your personal folders, send items, and archived files are still accessible right from your PC even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Antivirus and anti spyware software

There are several completely for a antivirus and anti spyware programs available for download off the Internet.  The most direct you to bowl antivirus programs available for free are, though, AV Chi, and a vast.  These programs offer variable levels of functionality, but efficient and strong protection against viruses and other Mel where.  The best part about these programs is there is no annual subscription fee, and your virus definitions still get updated.  Additionally, Microsoft recently released its own free suite of Computer Security and any virus tools called Microsoft security essentials.

By installing the above free programs, downloadable right from the internet, you will gain the same functionality offered by expensive products such as Microsoft office, Outlook, Photoshop Elements, Norton Antivirus, all for the very low price of completely FREE!

Check out our comprehensive listing of recommended freeware programs for your computer , including the best productivity software and utilities for your PC.

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