Computing in the Virtual Cloud

Cloud computing is a new term and gaining widespread use.  It basically means performing traditional computer processes on machines or servers in a virtual location, or cloud.  Cloud computing means creating, editing, saving, backing up files online without having to have those files or programs … [Read more...]

How to Buy a Backup Hard Drive

When looking for a backup hard drive, one naturally looks for an external hard drive.  Such hard drives can be easily attached to your desktop or notebook PC by a simple USB or other interface.  Hard drives have shrunk in size recently and many are fully portable allowing you to take them with you … [Read more...]

Back-Up Your Files

Today, it seems that everyone's collection of multimedia files is growing rapidly.  It is not uncommon, for computer users to have huge collections of music MP3s, movies, family videos, digital photos, and much more all residing on their shrinking hard drives.  As rapidly as hard drives in computers … [Read more...]