Quick Fixes

Follow our quick and easy steps to clean up your computer.  Have you noticed problems with your computer -- annoying pop-up windows, browser hijacks, erratic behavior, error messages, or just plain slow performance?  You need to take steps to fix your computer before things get worse.  If you wait … [Read more...]

Windows Slow Startup

Now that you’ve switched on the power button on your PC, you can go and brew fresh coffee for the whole office because that’s how long your system takes to go from ‘on’ to ‘active’. If your PC is being bogged down by a huge number of preinstalled and unwanted applications and programs which … [Read more...]

Speed Up My Slow PC

It happens to all of us, one day you realize your computer isn't running as fast as it was the day you booted it for the first time. Programs that used to fire up in milliseconds, now have you wondering if you can take a potty break before the hour glass stops spinning. Over the years the face of … [Read more...]

Search and Destroy Spyware

What is Spyware? The term spyware is used quite broadly, but typically references malicious software that is downloaded unintentionally. Due to the increased awareness about malicious software on the internet, makers of spyware have found more deceptive methods of gaining control over computers. … [Read more...]

Free Antivirus Scans

Anytime you connect to the internet, receive emails, or insert media such as a thumb drive or floppy disk, you place your computer at risk to threats.  Some may be mild, but most are malicious and can wreck havoc on an unprotected computer - they can bog down and slow your computer processes, delete … [Read more...]

Clean Up Your PC

Free Tips and Advice Fix your computer right now - browse our free tips and advice on how to clean up your PC or notebook computer.  Read our easy-to-follow steps on how to clean up your computer and the best computer virus protection .  Once you are finished, make sure you protect your computer … [Read more...]