Top 3 Free Anti-Virus Solutions Reviewed

The world is on the web and so are malicious code writers. The threat you face today from computer viruses is bigger than ever. But for the common PC user, spending a lot of money on anti-virus software is an unfavorable option. If you represent the common PC user and have felt the pinch of buying … [Read more...]

Free Internet Security Software

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Hide your husbands, because malware is out there ready to invade your PC and pillage your privacy after that one bad click of the mouse.  Sometimes, one click is all it takes!  That’s what I often tell my clients and those who may be curious enough to ask for my … [Read more...]

Best Free Movie Editing Software

In today's multimedia-heavy world of online news, entertainment, and social sharing, the ability to edit video and audio on one's PC is an absolute must. Powerful and inexpensive computer hardware allows anyone to produce professional-looking movies and video clips nowadays, provided they have the … [Read more...]

Free Portable Apps

This is a list of free Portable Applications (Apps).  Portable Apps are software programs that either:* Do not require to be installed onto a computer * If there is an installation procedure, the newly installed directory can be copied into a portable device and run without … [Read more...]

Don’t Pay for Software!

Purchasing a new computer can be an expensive and daunting task.  With today's software prices setting up your computer so that you are productive and can make use of your computer can become very expensive.  There is however a wonderful assortment of freeware software programs that will do just … [Read more...]

Best Downloads

Spyware Removal Software Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition This program does an outstanding job of quickly finding and removing most adware and spyware components.  Also contains auto-update feature to keep it current.Spybot - Search & Destroy Spybot can detect and remove spyware of different … [Read more...]