Fix a Dropped Internet Connection

Help - I Can't Connect to the Internet!Try a Wired Connection If you are connecting to the Internet using a wireless connection, usually on a laptop, then the culprit in your loss of connection may just be a loss of wireless. The easiest way to check this is to plug your computer directly … [Read more...]

Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

We typically do not think twice before hopping across to the nearest cyber café to check our emails or make a bank transaction. We sit peacefully at hotels and log on to our online profiles. Do you ever wonder whether it is safe to connect your laptop at a public Wi-Fi hotspot? If you had thought … [Read more...]

Kids Internet Safety

The internet moves very fast. The variety of individuals and content that your child may be exposed to is incomparable to any other congregation. Hence, it is important for the safety of your child that you have a mechanism in place to weed out undesirable elements.The Threat But where do you … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself Online – Internet Safety

You can protect your PC while you browse the internet by installing and using third-party internet browsers and a few useful plug-ins.  We recommend you use of the latest version of FireFox with the NoScript add-on combined with Sandboxie NoScript disables all active/java scripting on the page … [Read more...]

Speed Up Slow Internet

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection despite subscribing to a good internet plan, your internet service provider might be cheating you. But if you are certain it is a credible company, there are certain areas you can look into in order to improve your internet connection. Problem Areas … [Read more...]